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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is the medCompanion platform secure?
    The medCompanion platform uses best practice healthcare security techniques to ensure clinic and patient data is never compromised. All data is encrypted "at rest" and "in transit" across all components and all transactions. AES-256 encryption is used to protect sensitive data. All critical data is backed up and recoverable to protect against possible data loss. Where applicable, data is only kept for as long as it is required in line with privacy laws.
  • What is the quality of the information in instructional videos and educational resources provided?
    All of the medCompanion information has been produced and checked by leading gastroenterologists. Independent educational resources are provided by reputable and trusted organisations such as GESA and Crohn’s and Colitis Australia. Drug specific patient information is provided by the relevant pharmaceutical company.
  • Are the language translations for the bowel prep reminders and handouts robust?
    All translations are done by NAATI qualified medical translations. We have a feedback system where translations are checked and updates as changes are made. Translations are available for Arabic, Chinese (simple), Greek, Hindi, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese.
  • What is the cost of medCompanion?
    medCompanion is available free of charge. medCompanion makes income through... (1) selling pharma access to distribute their patient support programs through the App; (2) by receiving a small "channel" fee for any home deliveries; (3) By packaging up anonymous de-identified data around the biologic prescription market. No clinic, doctor or patient is ever identified in this market data. There is no limit to how many patients you can enrol under your clinic login.
  • Can I customise medCompanion for my clinic?
    medCompanion can be customised so it looks and feels like yours. The patient app is branded with your clinic logo. Messaging and sequencing for bowel prep reminders, and clinic handouts are examples of what can be customised. Contact us for more information
  • How long does it take to set up for my clinic?
    Once you register one of our team will contact you to organise an onboarding session for your team. This takes approximately one hour which is usually enough as the platform is very intuitive. Customisations may take longer to implement. Ongoing support is available via email at
  • What if my patient is elderly and does not wish to download an app?
    Bowel prep reminders and links to instructional videos are also available via SMS. medCompanion also allows for carers to receive the notifications. There is also a clinic handout that patients can follow.
  • As a clinic, do I have visibility of what my patients have accessed and how they are tracking in their bowel prep?"
    The medCompanion clinic portal is your control centre. After you log in through the web portal click on ‘patients’ in the left navigation bar. You can scroll to find your patient or type in their name in the search bar. When you click on the patient it will show you their details including procedure date, what bowel prep program they have been assigned and how many messages they have received and by what method. Additional information will be collected in future releases.
  • Who provides the home delivery of biologic medications?
    Home delivery services are provided by Inservio Home, a national pharmacy chain who are experts in delivery of cold-chain and sensitive medications. Home delivery is available throughout metropolitan and regional Australia with next business day delivery. There is no additional cost for the patient. The patient only pay the existing co-payment.
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