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Home delivery of

bowel prep medications

Save time and energy obtaining your bowel prep medications with home delivery.

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Let us take care of your medication to ensure you have what you need for your next procedure

How it works!

Simply select your medication from the list below

Complete the ordering process

Once your order is confirmed, you will be given a timeframe for when you can expect your delivery

Select your medication

Glycoprep Orange

Contains 3 x 70g sachets

Glycoprep Kit Orange

Contains 3 x tablets of Bisacodyl, 1 x sachet of Magnesium Citrate, 3 x sachets of Glycoprep Orange 

Moviprep Orange

Contains 4 x sachets - 2 x large sachets and 2 x small sachets

Picolax 2

Contains 2 x 20g sachets

Picolax 3

Contains 3 x 20g sachets

Picoprep 2

Contains 2 x 20g sachets

Picoprep 3

Contains 3 x 20g sachets


Contains 2 x 20g sachets


Contains 1 x larger sachet (Dose One), 2 x smaller sachets (Dose 2)

Prepkit C

Contains 1 x 70g sachet of Glycoprep Orange, 2 x 20g sachets of PicoPrep

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chemst2U?

Chemist2U is a delivery service provider who partners with local pharmacies all over Australia to delivery your pharmacy needs.

What are the advantages of home delivery?

Advantages includes

  • No need to queue at a pharmacy which may or may not carry your medication. There is also reduced risk of interacting with multiple people in obtaining your medicine, particularly beneficial for people at risk of infection.

  • Stock is on hand so no need to visit multiple pharmacies to get what you need saving you time and energy.

Where does Chemist2U deliver?

Chemist2U operates in all capital cities and major regional areas across Australia. Whilst they operate in rural and remote areas, delivery will be within two to three days. To find out whether Chemist2U can deliver to you, simply type in your address near the top of their website

When do they deliver?

Order now for delivery within 3-5 days via Australia Post. However you should not rely on Chemist 2U’s predicted delivery times or service availability to guarantee access to your health and medical needs.

How much does it cost?

Each medication will vary in cost. The cost of the drug and the shipping cost is covered in one total price. The cost will be displayed before checkout.

Who do I contact if I have questions or need help?

Please contact Chemist2U customer service team by either calling 1300-22-32-32 or email at

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