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Putting patients first by reducing administrative tasks

A cloud-based clinical portal with features that reduce the administration burden placed on specialist clinics, allowing more time for patient care. 

PBS Authority Administration Services

These services reduce administrative costs and improve clinic efficiency by managing the cumbersome PBS approval process.  PRODA numbers are delegated by specialists to process their approvals through HPOS and track submissions on behalf of clinics.

PBS Authority Tracking Database

The database captures and reports all key data in the prescription process. It also simplifies and manages critical dates and potential time barred treatments. Simple dashboard to help track your patients PBS submission.

Code Finder

The online finder facilitates the look up of authority codes by instantaneously providing streamline codes and PBS item codes based on drugs, indications, phase and formulation to expedite clinic processes.

Updated every month as new PBS data becomes available for medications used by gastroenterology, dermatology and rheumatology clinics. 

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Comprehensive Bowel Prep program

Designed by leading gastroenterologists to increase colonoscopy success rates by providing timely information and reminders to patients so they arrive optimally prepared. 


Accommodates diet variations​, multiple languages, customised messaging and bulk upload of patient lists and complies with Australian Clinical Care Standards for colonoscopies.


A management dashboard provides clinic staff with a view of all bowel prep patient and reminder statistics to keep track of your patient's journey. 

Home delivery of biologic medications

Home delivery of medications is fast, convenient, safe and there are no extra costs.

Simply enrol your patient during a consultation or send them a link by email or SMS.  It takes less than 1 minute to complete with easy upload of scripts. 

Home delivery services are provided by Inservio Home, a national provider with expertise in cold chain delivery, will contact the patient to organise a convenient time for delivery.

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