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Save 3.2 hours per IBD patient a year with medCompanion*

*Estimates based on initial application with continuing forms for new patients

The virtual assistant for 

IBD care 

An innovative cloud-based clinic platform and patient app that streamlines clinic admin and improves patient compliance.


It's like having an extra staff member in your clinic that reduces admin burden and automatically reminds patients of important treatment commitments.

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Clinic portal 

The virtual assistant for IBD care

A cloud-based solution for clinics to access a range of features that automates administrative processes and provides better patient care through streamlined services. Features include:

  • PBS authority application services​

  • Registration for the relevant patient support program

  • Script management services

  • Medication delivery (temporarily unavailable)

  • Bowel prep reminder system

  • PBS code finder

Patient app

A medical companion for patients

An app to help patients manage tasks and access clinical care services via their personal device.  Features include:

  • Clinic branded app

  • Personalised messages and reminders for treatment commitments

  • Access to trusted resources unique to a patient's treatment and condition

  • Interactive action plans to support the patient on their treatment journey

  • Home delivery and script management services for biologic medications (temporarily unavailable)

  • Hub for additional clinic specific patient resources

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Benefits for clinics

Better colonoscopy 

World leading bowel preparation adherence system

More time for patient care

Access to support services reduces time spent on clinic administration

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Streamlined communications to patients through a clinic branded patient app

Benefits for patients

Greater adherence

Tracking of tasks with automated notifications, with 9 different language options

Trusted support

Educational resources from reputable organisations specific to their needs


Fast home delivery of medications for convenience and safety

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